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Based in the South West, we offer professional drone aerial videography and photography for a variety of events and occasions

About Us

Multimedia company based in Wiltshire

Graphic Vibes is a newly established multimedia company based in Wiltshire (UK), operating across the South of England. We specialise in capturing Products for small businesses, Events (including sports) and Aerial shots (by use of drone).

Graphic Vibes started as a hobby in 2016, and quickly turned into a service we started to receive demand for. Since then, we have grown slowly but surely and as of November 2020 are pleased to offer what we feel to be a comprehensive range of services. We are open to new ventures and requests, so please feel free to contact us, even if we don't state the service you require on our website.

Fully certified and insured to operate UAV's (Drones) for commercial purposes:

Flyers ID

Operators ID

A2 CofC Certificate

Commercial Insurance

Our Services

Multimedia company based in Wiltshire
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Product Photography

Showing off your product is essential to generate sales. We at Graphic Vibes specialise in capturing all the best qualities of the items you want to promote. First impressions count, and we aim to take advantage of this to the full on your behalf. Phone camera's are great nowadays as a quick fix, but we believe in quality images obtained from the use of professional digital camera's and the experienced photographers behind them!

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Promotional Video

Do you have something worth shouting about that can't be seen in one image? We offer bespoke services in form of promotional video that boast all of the moments that count in one media format. Using our high quality 4K drone we use aerial videography to record content and put the footage together to promote your product / service. Examples of our work in this area include Multi-Sporting events, Agriculture, Recreational areas and more; this way of capturing content can be used almost anywhere.

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Commercial Advertising

We use our experience to create media content that boasts your brand in ways you may not know is possible. Brand repetition and establishment is key to running a successful business and obtaining association with your product / service.

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Event Photography

Living in the moment is what life should be all about. With the assistance of Graphic Vibes, we can help capture these moments for you to remember afterwards so you can re-live your experiences or share with your customers. This may be when competing at a multi-sporting event and crossing the finishing line after months of training, or at your local cider festival when everyone is merry and dancing into the light summer evenings. We will be there making sure everyone has a piece of the event to take home with them.

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Aerial Photography / Videography

Do you need a birds eye view? Using drones can compensate greatly for photos or videos otherwise not obtainable by using cameras from the ground. Our high quality 4K drone captures high resolution images and videos for your needs. Examples: Estates requiring aerial photographs to showcase plots / acreage or Football matches requiring in-play videos from an elevated viewpoint, etc.

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Land / Roof Surveys

Drones are a handy tool for many tasks. We offer land / roof surveying as an additional service to help individuals and companies inspect the quality of their land / roof.

  • Farmers - do you need to inspect where your crops aren't growing as well as you'd like?
  • Home Improvers/ property developers - do you need to inspect the safety of a roof / its condition before investing in scaffolding and licensed surveyors?

We will send our drone safely above the point of interest, capturing high quality videos and images on your behalf to make the process a lot simpler for you. These videos and images will be yours to keep so that you can review it as many times as it is necessary to ensure your project is completed safely and no ones health is at risk.

* Graphic Vibes are not responsible for the safety of individuals on site, and are only hired as content providers. The decision made regarding the safety of a roof / area of interest is at the clients risk *

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